Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings

Have you always dreamt of winter wedding? From roaring fires to snowflake details,we have all the details you need to throw a romantic winter wedding

Keep it warm!

From warm soups and blankets to cosy fireplace in a barn setting. Bring the outside indoors with the rich reds and olive greens to the burnt oranges and sunflower yellows. This time of year weddings can be small and intimate, with bonfires outside for the cold nights. Beautiful morning forest weddings to keep it real, with wood and woollen decor and trimmings.

In the Cape this is the time when winter rains create a lush green landscape for all nature lovers. The Northern Provinces are dry and toasty during their short days and end with the most colourful sunsets in shades of orange, yellows and pinks.

Swop out confetti or rice for fresh rose petals or dried oak leaves. Add fresh herbs, twigs or berries to your bouquets with flower buds, sunflowers and red roses. For an Autumn/winter barn wedding arranged some bulbs and roots so that they are still visible – this added a wonderful organic and countryside element to the lookTo bring the outdoors inside I would suggest using real sprigs of fluffy cotton flowers to create the allusion of snow on the table.