6 – 9 Months | Pick Your Favourites and Hire Your Vendors

Here’s your to-do list 6 months before the wedding, make sure to tick them all!

  1. Hire your final photographer and videographer if you have not done this already.
  2. Book your final entertainment professionals, band or DJ, for the day. You can either pick your favourite themed entertainment or a combination different types of entertainment.

  3. Meet with your caterers to discuss the menu for each stage of the day.

  4. Start shopping for your wedding dress so you can be ready when it’s time to go for fittings or if there are things you would like to have changed by your designer.

  5. Start reserving accommodation for out-of-town guests at a guesthouse, hotel or if the venue includes accommodation for the guests make sure it is reserved for that weekend.

  6. Brainstorm and think about how your wedding invitations should look and how it will fit in and complement your wedding theme.

  7. It’s good to start planning your honeymoon early so you can make the necessary bookings and reservations. Make sure to also research different options and take note of the budgeting component. Also get your passports ready early for the honeymoon if you decide to go out of the country.

  8. Go to the shops to start shopping for the wedding party attire. This includes both the bride and groom’s wedding party.

  9. Meet the officiant and plan the ceremony. Go through every detail so the officiant can start preparing early for if there are things to be changed further down the line. If you are signing the registar on the day of the wedding, ensure that all your paper work is in order. Your marriage officiant will be able to advise on this.

  10. Reserve structural and electrical necessities depending on your wedding. This is dependant on if the wedding is going to be indoors or outdoors.

  11. Start arranging transportation for the wedding, like the bride’s car. Transportation would usually include getting to the ceremony, then to the reception and after the wedding.

  12. Sit down and create a wedding day timeline so you can know when things happen to keep it all organized. This can also be sent to your service providers closer to the wedding.

  13. Start thinking about hair and make-up styles. Talk with your hair stylist and make-up artist to get a better idea for what would fit you best. A trial of your hair and make-up can be arranged with them.

  14. Reserve rentals that you researched earlier if you decided to use it for the wedding.

  15. Choose your wedding cake style and schedule tastings with the cake designer.

  16. Go over the details of your bridal shower and bachelorette with your maid of honour.

  17. Make an engagement announcement in your local newspaper (optional).

  18. It’s time to take your engagement photos with your photographer and get some beautiful shots for the wedding album.