3 Months | Finalize All The Important Arrangements

  1. It’s time to finalize the menu and flowers for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. That is another thing off the wedding planning checklist you can relax about and focus on other tasks that needs to be completed.
  2. When you had time to decide what to use as wedding favours, now would be a good time to order them. It gives enough time to create it, depending on what you chose in the end.

  3. Who is giving the toasts at the reception? When and in what order are they going to give the toasts? Make a list of people who will give toasts and finalize the order.

  4. Every vendor working to make your day special should know what is happening when for them to be at the top of their game. It is a good idea to send the event schedule to all the vendors that you hired. Things will be much more organized that way.

  5. You should see to it that all the arrangements for the honeymoon plans are being finalized and make sure all the needed documentation is in order.

  6. The seating for the ceremony and reception will depend on the venues you will be using. Go to the venue again and start planning the ceremony and reception seating.

  7. Do a few experiments with the hair stylist and your veil to get the best combination.

  8. When you have the menus all thought out and know what they will be, you can go ahead and order the food menu cardswhich you usually put on the tables at the reception.

  9. Attend your bridal shower and make sure to enjoy every moment. This will also depend on when the maid of honour scheduled the bridal shower.

  10. If you want to use your own unique wedding vows for the ceremony, you can start writing your vows so you can also start practicing them when you have time to do so.

  11. Study up on ethnic customs or traditions you might include, this is only necessary if it is really needed.

  12. Keep working with your cake designer to finalize the cake concept.

  13. Discuss the ceremony details with the officiant and wedding coordinator to give a better idea of how the ceremony will proceed on the day.

  14. It’s time to finalize the design concepts, styles and themes of the wedding with the decorations designer. This will be for all the venues from the ceremony to the reception venue.

  15. Don’t forget about one of the most important items, your wedding dress. Have your second dress fitting session and make the necessary changes or alterations as needed.