2 Months | Follow-up With All The Vendors

  1. Connect with all the vendors to make sure everything is in order and to get answers to all the questions you may still want to ask.

  2. Meet with your photographer to discuss how the photography will work before and during the wedding proceedings. Make sure to discuss any specific shots, locations and other areas you might want to include in the album.
  3. Review the music list you earlier created with the band or DJ so you can add or remove songs from the list if you want to.

  4. Now it’s time to send out your wedding invitations, 6-8 weeks is usually the best time to do this. It give the guests enough time to receive and respond to your invitation.

  5. If you like to submit a newspaper announcement about the wedding, now a good time to do it.

  6. Time for the bachelorette and bachelors parties! Enjoy it with your close friends and family!

  7. Remember to keep your RSVP spreadsheet up to date as the first guests start to reply to your invitations and make changes where needed.

  8. Finalize the reception seating At this point you will have a good idea how the placements will look at the venue.

  9. Finalize the music with the musicians after you updated your song list preferences. You can also give the musicians general guidelines to the kind of music you want at the different times during the day.

  10. This time you will have fitting sessions for the wedding party and parents to finalize all the little details.

  11. Create a honeymoon itinerary for the family who will stay at home. This should basically include the places you will visit with a general timeline.

  12. Decide “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. This is an old English tradition at weddings. Something old represent continuity, something new represents prosperity and good fortune, something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness and something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity.

  13. Book a spa day with beauty treatments for you and your bridesmaids so you have time to relax.

  14. You can consider taking dance lessons with your fiancé and get that first dance perfect, this is also a great way to break in your wedding shoes.

  15. Write thank-you cards for shower gifts and early wedding gifts that you may have received during the last few months.

  16. Purchase the wedding rings and make sure everything is as you asked for, especially if you had the rings engraved.

  17. Plan a bridesmaids “tea” and bachelor’s dinner to thank everyone for their support and hard work planning the wedding (optional).

  18. Shop for a “trousseau”. Trousseau may refer to the outfit of a bride, including the wedding dress or similar clothing. This is an old tradition from French weddings in the real early days (optional).

  19. Arrange for baby sitters to baby sit children at the wedding if you decide include them in your wedding.

  20. Try to get as many payments done as you can to the vendors, rentals and everyone that need to be paid for their services.

  21. Relax a little and think about your first dance song.