1 Month | The Month of the Wedding Planning Guide Where Everything Comes Together

  1. The invitations are sent so you need to keep track of all the RSVP’s with your spreadsheet. You can also make sure if everyone received their invitation and follow up on RSVPs.

  2. Make sure to also send out your rehearsal dinner invitations to the wedding party, both family’s parents and the officiant.
  3. Have your last dress fitting session with the dress designer and see that everything is perfect as it should be.

  4. Stock the bar and make sure you have enough refreshments for the number of guests you invited.

  5. Continue to make the final payments to the vendors if you still haven’t paid some.

  6. Confirm times with your hair and make-up stylists again so they will ready at the right time.

  7. You can email and print the directions for the drivers who will drive the vehicles on the day to make it easier for them to know where and when to do what.

  8. Just quickly confirm the honeymoon reservations to see if all the arrangements are set.

  9. It’s time to start your honeymoon packing. It will depend on where you are going and what you will need. Make a list and start packing what you can.

  10. Pick-up the wedding rings if you had something changed, like the size on the engravings.

  11. Schedule a meeting to ensure the wedding party is ready and know exactly what their roles and duties are for the weeks to come.

  12. Check in with the vendors and make any last minute changes if necessary.

  13. Create and order the wedding programs for the ceremony that you can handout to the guests.

  14. Remember to order the welcome baskets for the out-of-town guests.

  15. Finalize the vows and readings with the officiant.

  16. Finalize the photo shot list with the photographer.

  17. If you are moving after the wedding, make sure to arrange the transport for all your things to be moved when needed.