2 Weeks | Finish A Few Things Before The Big Day

  1. Make sure what your final headcount is for the wedding and report it to your caterer.

  2. Be sure to make arrangements with someone to look after your pets and watering the plants  while you are away on your honeymoon.
  3. Get your hair cut and coloured for the final time before the wedding. Do it now so it can look natural and not freshly cut at the day of the wedding.

  4. Delegate the wedding duties to the wedding party, friends and family members who are willing to help.

  5. Arrange for someone to return any rentals to the rental companies after the wedding.

  6. Remember to go pickup your seating charts and place cards for the reception.

  7. Put together a bridal emergency kit for the wedding day. This basically include those just-in-case items for small emergencies throughout the day.

  8. Keep your eye on the weather conditions and make sure that the venue has contingency plans for any unexpected events that may occur during the day.

  9. It is growing more popular for the bride to also give a toast at the reception, so you can compose the reception toast now if you like.

  10. Remember to break in your wedding shoes if you haven’t already.