1 Week | Coordinate The Last Tasks With Everyone

  1. Reconfirm the arrival times with all the vendors and make sure they are all set.

  2. You can send a timeline to the wedding party so they know what is happening when.
  3. Pick up your wedding dress, veil and everything else you’re going to wear.

  4. Check in one last time with your photographer.

  5. Go to that spa treatment you booked earlier with your wedding party.

  6. When the welcome baskets are ready, assemble and distribute them for the guests that is from out-of-town.

  7. Coordinate with all vendors to have so they can work together to see to all the tasks that needs to be done. It’s also a good idea to get them to meet each other before the day of the wedding.

  8. Get the groom ready for action, by getting him a haircut and make sure his comfortable with all the arrangements.

  9. Also make sure that the groom and his groomsmen’s clothes are ready.

  10. It is also a good idea to always have a backup plan for transportation, if something went wrong with the original driver.

  11. Clean your engagement ring so it can shine like it’s brand new.

  12. Confirm the rehearsal dinner times with the wedding party and with both families.

  13. Leave the honeymoon itinerary with someone.

  14. Organize the guest book and plan how it’s going to work. This is the book that go around so the guests can give their congratulations to the new married couple.

  15. Arrange any special seating at the ceremony and reception venue if it may be needed. This may be someone with a wheelchair for instance.

  16. Get someone to organize and take control of the wedding gifts during the day of the wedding.