1 Day | Get Yourself Ready For Your Wedding Day

  1. Confirm that all the welcome baskets for the out-of-town guests are delivered as it should be.

  2. Go and get that manicure, pedicure and massage to get you ready for the big day.
  3. Make sure the wedding cake is on track to be delivered to the reception venue.

  4. Bring all the wedding day items that you will need at the ceremony to the site to get everything perfect beforehand.

  5. Rehearse the wedding ceremony like it’s the big day so that the proceedings would run smoothly on your actual wedding day. It is great to practise it at the same time the ceremony is planned for so that you can see shade and sun.

  6. After the ceremony rehearsal, it’s time for the rehearsal dinner and make sure you enjoy it.

  7. Present your rehearsal dinner attendants with gifts to show gratitude for all the support they gave you this last 12 months.

  8. Decide who will sign your marriage license as witnesses after the ceremony.

  9. Get all your honeymoon bags and luggage where it needs to go.

  10. Quickly go over all the honeymoon plans, tickets, itinerary, passports, and other documents needed. Make sure to put everything in one place.

  11. Lay out everything you’ll wear before you go to bed, this would make things more organized.

  12. Get to bed at a reasonable hour so you have loads of energy to fully enjoy your big day.